Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 ABYC Boxing Day Pursuit Race

Paul, Stevie and Dad Washburn traveled to our yacht club (Alamitos Bay Yacht Club) today December 30th to race in the annual ABYC Boxing Day Pursuit Race, managed and produced by UK transplant Mark Townsend. This annual event is run on the first Saturday after Boxing Day. This year set a new record for entries with 65 boats signed up and racing. The weather was one of those fantastic SoCal winter days-- clear, sunny with light winds. Entries ranged in size from the Naples Sabots (7'11") to a Santana 37.

Paul entered and raced his Naples Sabot Penguin in the C3 class, Stevie and Dad raced Zingaro, our Lido 14 in the A Class. A pursuit race is one where the handicaps are taken at the start, the slowest rating boats starting first and the faster boats starting later as the ratings get faster.

Paul sailed very well, challenged by all the faster larger boats coming up from behind and had a great time. He finished third in the C3 class. Stevie and Dad had a good day as well, being the first Lido to finish and sixth in fleet.

A fun after race party ensued, with a trophy presentation using the past year's unclaimed trophies from various regattas being passed out to a happy crowd of sailors.

It was great to see all our special sailing friends and enjoy a beautiful day on the water.

Race Results

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas All -- And Best Wishes for the New Year!!!

To view the Washburn Boys Holiday Greetings click on the link below, then start the music player and then the slideshow- Enjoy!

Washburn Boys Holiday Greetings Card

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Maiden Voyage of Paul Washburn's new Naples Sabot "Penguin"

Paul just completed the ABYC Jr. Sailing 2006 Summer Sailing Program --- Enjoying it immensely-- He wants to continue on and learn how to race- telling me that he wants to be a better sailor than I am---- Good times!!!!! I look forward to turning over the helm someday--- :)

I can see it now--- Paul on the helm and Stevie on the wire of a 49r or 505---- with their proud pop watching---- :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jessica Uniack Memorial Beach to Bay Race

Paul Washburn competed in LBYC's Beach to Bay Race.

In just under two hours, 117 sailors made their way from the beach by Downtown Long Beach Marina through the two jetties that divide Long Beach and Seal Beach to the Long Beach Yacht.

Competing for his first time, Paul Washburn finished in the top 25, quite an accomplishment!

For all the pics go to: Beach to Bay

Monday, July 24, 2006

ABYC Catalina Cruise July 2006

The WB Boys sailed Gypsy over to Catalina in a 20 knot westerly last Saturday July the 22nd to meet up with fellow ABYC members for a beach BBQ and get together. Good times. It was fun to meet up with long time friends and their families and catch up.

We were treated to an impressive lightning show Saturday night on the beach and then from the decks of Gypsy-- we were not in any real danger- other than sitting on a boat with a 70 foot aluminum stick pointing into the sky! Rain, wind, thunder and lightning--- in July!

From the OC Register:

Fire crews struggled in searing heat Sunday to corral wildfires across Santa Catalina Island and other areas of Southern California, where flames prompted the evacuation of dozens of homes.

The largest fire charred nearly 1,200 acres – or about 2 square miles – of brush on Santa Catalina Island. It was 10 percent contained Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of firefighters and at least 20 fire engines were shuttled late Saturday to the island on boats and military hovercraft from Camp Pendleton because lightning made helicopters too dangerous.

The fire continues on today Monday and they do not expect to have it contained until tomorrow.

Sunday morning while the WB Boys teenagers slept until noon, :) , Dad and 9 year old Paul Washburn snuck ashore for a hearty breakfast, good conversations, skipping rocks, a visit to the Isthmus playground and 2 vigorous hikes.

Gypsy is a special boat for us-- All the WB Boys activley participate now in handling her, treating her as their own-- so gratifying to see. We had a fabulous sail over, only 3 hours and 15 minutes from the Long Beach Jetty to Ship Rock. Had to motor home Sunday though as there was not a breath of air. But we were treated to a pod of dolphin and then a 50' blue whale surfacing only 100 yards from us--- blowing several times and then sounding along with a display of its huge tail. We were also treated to an air show slash mock dogfight above the Victory Lane again- Chris got some great pics when the WWII fighter planes buzzed us in a mock battle with the old WWII restored supply ship. Will get some pics posted as soon as Chris downloads them.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long Beach Race Week - June 2006

Our B-25 T-Rex competed on Charlie Course in the 2006 LBRW in Long Beach, CA. We were entered in the PHRF 4 class. Steve, Steve and Paul Washburn were on board along with Bruce Golison and Robin Durnin.

He we are heading upwind on Saturday in the fresh breeze:

This shot is from race 5 on Sunday:

Race Start Line Shot:

We brought the boat to this regatta in her offwind point to point set up instead of a buoy race configuration as the weather forecasts were for light air and we encountered just the opposite. We paid for that decision and placed mid-fleet. Oh well! We will do better next time. Most importantly a good time was had by all.

Results and much more is located at

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Delta Ditch Run - June 10, 2006

Steve, Steve and Paul Washburn along with long time friend and sailor Bruce Golison made the trek from SoCal up to San Francisco Bay trailering our B-25 T-Rex for the Delta Ditch Run. This is a 70 mile race starting off Pt. Richmond taking a course under the San Rafael Bridge through San Pablo Bay and Suisun Bay, then up the San Joaquin River to the finish off the Stockton Sailing Club. The weather report promised some excitement and an exciting race it was!
234 AM PDT SAT JUN 10 2006
There were 112 entrants in total. T-Rex was placed in Light Division 3 for this event. First boat to finish was the D Class catamaran and the first monohull in was the Melges 32 Yabsolutely.
T-Rex was scratch boat in her division and finished first and held her time for the win. But the bigger story is the experience of the race and the event in entirety. A fantastic sail in great conditions from SF Bay through the Delta and then the river. There is a lot of planning, preparation and logistics to pull off participating in this event. And the Stockton Sailing Club reception and organization is top notch, yet low key. We will be back next year!

For Pictures: Delta Ditch T-Rex Pictures

For Complete Results: Stockton Sailing Club

Monday, April 24, 2006

Catalina Island Series 2006 Long Point Race - April 22 and 23

Start-- Out Long Beach Entrance-- Pt. Fermin to port-- Finish off Long Point, Catalina Island.

The WB Boys took our 33 year old family boat Gypsy (Columbia 52 Tall Rig- 44,000#) out for a fun weekend on the water. What a great weekend! Stevie (my oldest) and I were basically laying on the deck about ready to pass out after semi short tacking Gypsy up the Long Beach Breakwater up to Point Fermin in 15 - 18 knots of breeze- Taking turns driving and grinding Christopher my 15 year old was asleep down below and little Paul was trimming main. Cannot wait until he gets bigger!! But we were in the hunt at Pt. Fermin--- Rounded within striking distance of a Tripp 40 (Colt 45) with the Olson 40 Live Wire a little farther in front-- Several other boats followed-- Farr 55, Farr 38, J-35, J-109, Olson 30 etc etc -- surprised us!

We actually held our own upwind-- but when the waterline rule came into effect for the 18 mile straight line beam reach from Pt. Fermin to Long Point Gypsy was happy. Except for the last 1/4 mile of negotiating a fickle breeze to the finish it was a grand time for me and my boys. Good times. And thanks to the Sparta boys and girls for providing the entertainment for us Washburn Boys on the Shoreboat ride to shore! And thanks to Motrin for making sure I was able to wake up refreshed on Sunday for the trip home. We retired as the breeze never really filled in and none of us were game to get home late.

My compliments to all of you who stuck it out and finished.

View from our mooring in Descanso Bay.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

LBYC Spring Invitational / T-Rex / March 12, 2006

The WB Boys (Dad, Steve and Paul) along with Steve Steinberg and Jenny Paul enjoyed a pristine SoCal winter day on T-Rex participating in a 6.6 mile race on Long Beach Harbor. We all met at ABYC for breakfast and to get our B-25 set up, headed out for the race and returned for cheeseburgers and fries for a late lunch. It was fun just to get together and have a nice sail. The participation was low as we were racing between storms on a weekend with unsettled weather. With the combination of the wind out of the southeast and a random leg course given to us we port tacked the start and never looked back. We were able to win our class with everyone doing a great job and enjoying a fine day on the water.

Results are posted at:
LBYC Race Results

Sunday, February 19, 2006

SoCal at its Winter Finest

Today Dad, Steve and Paul Washburn along with Steve's friend Chris took Gypsy out for a sail on an absolutely stunning, clear, brisk winter day. The conditions were brought about by a winter storm clearing out the LA Basin giving us views from Catalina and San Clemente Islands to the snow capped local mountains. A 15 - 18 knot Westerly breeze brought Gypsy alive in conditions she loves, providing us with a 8 - 9 knot, 20 mile daysail.

Just a beautiful way to experience and enjoy a gorgeous day!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Midwinter Tune Up Race - Saturday February 11, 2006

Steve, Steve and Paul Washburn headed out for a beautiful day of racing and sailing on Long Beach Harbor in Seal Beach YC's Midwinter Tune Up Race. The conditions were light to moderate with an 8 -11 knot south westerly and smooth water. It was a nice opportunity to fit and set our new weapons-- An Ullman Fiberpath Mainsail and Ullman Masthead spinnaker. And it was great to get out on the water again to start the 2006 sailing season. The race committee sent our Division 2 fleet on a 7.5 mile windward leeward course. We were not disappointed in our speed and we were able to take the gun at the finish line, also correcting out in first place.

The boat handling was fun as there were just 3 of us, with 9 year old Paul fully involved and his 16 year old brother Steve covering cockpit and foredeck , and Dad driving and trimming main.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Acura Key West 2006 is in the books!

Acura Key West 2006

January 16 - 20, 2006

I just returned from Key West having worked with my good friend Bruce Golison on the Division 2 Signal Boat. Bruce was PRO and I filled the Spotter position running 9 races over 5 days for the TransPac 52, IRC 1&2, Melges 32 and PHRF 1, 2 & 3 Classes. It was a windy week that produced more than its fair share of breakdowns and injuries. Check out the above link for results, stories and pictures.

Two of my best pictures from the windy Wednesday races:

Sunday, January 08, 2006

2006 Gypsy Sailing Season Kick Off

Gypsy traveled up to Marina del Rey for a weekend of boating and an attempt at the annual Malibu and Return race sponsored by Del Rey Yacht Club ( I say attempt as many times this race turns out to a light air sloppy seas affair and this year was no different. The turnout though is usually over 100 boats and this year had 106. Sometimes though it can be a beautiful sail up the Malibu Coast and back so worth the effort to make the trip. The weather for the weekend was shaping up as a summer weekend in dead winter (Which it did). So Dad with sons Steve and Paul (Chris elected to hang out on land) took off for some good times on our boat. The delivery up Friday was stunning as the air was clear and temps were mid 70's on the water. Visibility was great with views from the snow capped mountains of SoCal out to Catalina and up to Pt. Dume. We arranged for a guest slip at DRYC and had a great afternoon/evening there enjoying the facilities and a nice dinner in the dining room.

Saturday brought the same weather to enjoy with Steve Steinberg, Jenny Paul, Chris and Karena joining us for what turned out to be a nice day on the water but the race was not to be for us. The wind never really filled in so we started the race and sailed only 5 miles made good in two hours and elected to spend the next two hours lazily sailing back to the harbor. The conditions (Sloppy seas and light air work to windward) were not Gypsy's strong suit. Our position at the time of withdrawing was well in the back of our pack with no potential of any improvement. The fact that this could easily be a 10 or 12 hour race for us on a 22 mile course was not really an option for us!

We then dropped off the folks who drove up to MDR to sail with us and the Washburn Boys proceeded to deliver Gypsy home to Long Beach. This 4 hour motorsail was the highlight of the weekend and what owning Gypsy is all about. Dad, Steve and Paul spend the time on deck having fun, talking, answering questions and looking up stuff we could not figure out. We had the pleasure of a fellow boater on his Hunter 46 motoring out the channel asking if Gypsy was brand new!! When we said she was 33 years old we got the thumbs up. A great feeling. We watched in amazement as the sled Magnitude 82 motored by us 40 feet away going 10-12 knots with no wake off Pt Vincente. Steve commented that we must have looked good ourselves as they were taking pictures of us. We enjoyed a stunning sunset and red sky with a tiny green flash. And when the stars came out Paul dove below for the star charts identifying constellations for us. He insists that Leo looks more like a mouse than a lion, who am I to argue!!! The traffic in and out of LA Entrance was busy so the Washburn Boys got a lesson in running light and range light interpretation.

We arrived back in the slip safe, did a quick put away and headed home for dinner and relaxation.