Monday, April 24, 2006

Catalina Island Series 2006 Long Point Race - April 22 and 23

Start-- Out Long Beach Entrance-- Pt. Fermin to port-- Finish off Long Point, Catalina Island.

The WB Boys took our 33 year old family boat Gypsy (Columbia 52 Tall Rig- 44,000#) out for a fun weekend on the water. What a great weekend! Stevie (my oldest) and I were basically laying on the deck about ready to pass out after semi short tacking Gypsy up the Long Beach Breakwater up to Point Fermin in 15 - 18 knots of breeze- Taking turns driving and grinding Christopher my 15 year old was asleep down below and little Paul was trimming main. Cannot wait until he gets bigger!! But we were in the hunt at Pt. Fermin--- Rounded within striking distance of a Tripp 40 (Colt 45) with the Olson 40 Live Wire a little farther in front-- Several other boats followed-- Farr 55, Farr 38, J-35, J-109, Olson 30 etc etc -- surprised us!

We actually held our own upwind-- but when the waterline rule came into effect for the 18 mile straight line beam reach from Pt. Fermin to Long Point Gypsy was happy. Except for the last 1/4 mile of negotiating a fickle breeze to the finish it was a grand time for me and my boys. Good times. And thanks to the Sparta boys and girls for providing the entertainment for us Washburn Boys on the Shoreboat ride to shore! And thanks to Motrin for making sure I was able to wake up refreshed on Sunday for the trip home. We retired as the breeze never really filled in and none of us were game to get home late.

My compliments to all of you who stuck it out and finished.

View from our mooring in Descanso Bay.