Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time to get back on the water!

After a year long plus of reflecting and dealing with the challenges of what life throws at us---- it is time to get back into participating in life rather than isolating from it-------

Things are coming together for a great summer of racing on our pocket rocket Pacific High------

My son Steve is returning home for the summer from a successful first year at Washington University in St. Louis in a few days------ some long time sailing buddies and new friends are committed to joining up for some good racing-- And in addition my son Christopher who is not enamored with sailing in general has also expressed interest in joining us for some selected races- :0) Icing on the cake!!!!

We are entered in the 16 race Thursday evening Pop-Tops out of Seal Beach Yacht Club and were out there two nights ago for our first appearance in a 20 boat fleet. My shorthanded crew did a great job on a short notice getting a high performance high demanding boat with a rusty skipper around the course with no practice to speak of ---- I was really happy to be out there after a long time out--------

Stay tuned for reports and pictures of our racing experiences of the popular off wind point to point races this summer in So-Cal-