Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 ABYC Boxing Day Pursuit Race

Paul, Stevie and Dad Washburn traveled to our yacht club (Alamitos Bay Yacht Club) today December 30th to race in the annual ABYC Boxing Day Pursuit Race, managed and produced by UK transplant Mark Townsend. This annual event is run on the first Saturday after Boxing Day. This year set a new record for entries with 65 boats signed up and racing. The weather was one of those fantastic SoCal winter days-- clear, sunny with light winds. Entries ranged in size from the Naples Sabots (7'11") to a Santana 37.

Paul entered and raced his Naples Sabot Penguin in the C3 class, Stevie and Dad raced Zingaro, our Lido 14 in the A Class. A pursuit race is one where the handicaps are taken at the start, the slowest rating boats starting first and the faster boats starting later as the ratings get faster.

Paul sailed very well, challenged by all the faster larger boats coming up from behind and had a great time. He finished third in the C3 class. Stevie and Dad had a good day as well, being the first Lido to finish and sixth in fleet.

A fun after race party ensued, with a trophy presentation using the past year's unclaimed trophies from various regattas being passed out to a happy crowd of sailors.

It was great to see all our special sailing friends and enjoy a beautiful day on the water.

Race Results

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas All -- And Best Wishes for the New Year!!!

To view the Washburn Boys Holiday Greetings click on the link below, then start the music player and then the slideshow- Enjoy!

Washburn Boys Holiday Greetings Card

Thursday, December 14, 2006