Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jessica Uniack Memorial Beach to Bay Race

Paul Washburn competed in LBYC's Beach to Bay Race.

In just under two hours, 117 sailors made their way from the beach by Downtown Long Beach Marina through the two jetties that divide Long Beach and Seal Beach to the Long Beach Yacht.

Competing for his first time, Paul Washburn finished in the top 25, quite an accomplishment!

For all the pics go to: Beach to Bay

Monday, July 24, 2006

ABYC Catalina Cruise July 2006

The WB Boys sailed Gypsy over to Catalina in a 20 knot westerly last Saturday July the 22nd to meet up with fellow ABYC members for a beach BBQ and get together. Good times. It was fun to meet up with long time friends and their families and catch up.

We were treated to an impressive lightning show Saturday night on the beach and then from the decks of Gypsy-- we were not in any real danger- other than sitting on a boat with a 70 foot aluminum stick pointing into the sky! Rain, wind, thunder and lightning--- in July!

From the OC Register:

Fire crews struggled in searing heat Sunday to corral wildfires across Santa Catalina Island and other areas of Southern California, where flames prompted the evacuation of dozens of homes.

The largest fire charred nearly 1,200 acres – or about 2 square miles – of brush on Santa Catalina Island. It was 10 percent contained Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of firefighters and at least 20 fire engines were shuttled late Saturday to the island on boats and military hovercraft from Camp Pendleton because lightning made helicopters too dangerous.

The fire continues on today Monday and they do not expect to have it contained until tomorrow.

Sunday morning while the WB Boys teenagers slept until noon, :) , Dad and 9 year old Paul Washburn snuck ashore for a hearty breakfast, good conversations, skipping rocks, a visit to the Isthmus playground and 2 vigorous hikes.

Gypsy is a special boat for us-- All the WB Boys activley participate now in handling her, treating her as their own-- so gratifying to see. We had a fabulous sail over, only 3 hours and 15 minutes from the Long Beach Jetty to Ship Rock. Had to motor home Sunday though as there was not a breath of air. But we were treated to a pod of dolphin and then a 50' blue whale surfacing only 100 yards from us--- blowing several times and then sounding along with a display of its huge tail. We were also treated to an air show slash mock dogfight above the Victory Lane again- Chris got some great pics when the WWII fighter planes buzzed us in a mock battle with the old WWII restored supply ship. Will get some pics posted as soon as Chris downloads them.