Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Gypsy Sail- Yeah!

My close friend Bob Hickman decided earlier this week to insist we take Gypsy out for a daysail today with some of our special friends. He and his wife Carol said they would take care of lunch for the crew--- "Wash-- Just get the boat ready!" Yes--- It was time to crawl out of my cave - and Dr. Bob was taking control! I was looking forward to today and spent all day Saturday cleaning Gypsy up to make her presentable. :)

My son Stevie and I both are in about the same place regarding Paul, and Stevie was excited also about today's sail as well to just get out there. Stevie invited 2 of his high school buddies George and Alex to sail with us as well.

Filling out the crew were Camille Daniels, her friend Jim, and John, Kathi and Savannah Robinson.

And to top off the afternoon my good friend Steve Steinberg met us at the dock just having flown in from Egypt for a few days in between jobs captaining major league yachts in the Med to give me a hug as he was unable to be there for Paul's services last January.

Tomorrow we take Pac High out for a sail to Newport Beach if the breeze is up.

Life goes on------

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