Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day

My sons Steve and Chris and I got together this past Sunday to spend the day together to celebrate Fathers Day. And what a fine day it was! We agreed to have lunch at ABYC (Alamitos Bay Yacht Club) to feast on the traditional burgers/dogs and "curly" fries menu and then take Gypsy out for a romp around Long Beach Harbor for a couple of hours. And what a great sail it was! The Westerly Breeze that makes Long Beach famous for sailors was in fine form blowing 15 - 18 knots for the afternoon as we reached around the harbor at 9+ knots with big smiles on all our faces. :0)

Good times!

For a change of pace in Alamitos Bay I asked my son Steve to take on the responsibility of docking Gypsy for the first time-- he accepted and did a great job as son Chris handled the lines and dad Wash watched proudly as they got our boat home without a hitch. So gratifying to see them handle it seriously and with care.

We put our gal away to go home--- watch the final coverage of the US Open Golf Tournament where Tiger holed an 18th hole putt to go to a playoff, order pizza and the then watch the Lakers beat the Celtics to go to game 6 of the NBA Finals. We really enjoyed our time together.

Good Times------------------ Paul- We Love You


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