Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gypsy moves to a new home today---

After 5 years in Alamitos Bay watching the marina deteriorate to simply unacceptable and dangerous conditions I made the move to the Long Beach Shoreline Marina where the facilities are just outstanding. Alamitos Bay is on the fast track to becoming the next Ala Wai marina. The docks are rotten beyond belief, basically broken and rat infested. Nails sticking out all over the place, planks that are broken and jagged, floats that are compromised and sinking. Just a state of severe disrepair with no solution in sight. So sad to see.

In contrast, the LBSM (Long Beach Shoreline Marina) has state of the art facilities and upbeat, enthusiastic management. Very refreshing.

Gypsy's new slip is fabulous with a great view of the downtown skyline from her fantail. The cement docks are well built with all the bells and whistles (Cable hookups, modern electricity and water hookups and an efficient design). And her new digs are within walking distance of the LB Aquarium, numerous shops and restaurants.

Thanks to my good friends Bob and Carol Hickman for helping me ferry cars and get Gypsy re-located today. A brilliant clear winter SoCal day with Santa Ana conditions.

I look forward to many weekends hanging out in a comfortable chair on Gypsy's transom reading and relaxing!

Good Times. :0)

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